Engaged AF.

Weeell .. I DID say that I wasn’t sure how often I would be updating this … I will admit that the days have gotten away from me since my last post! SOOOO much has happened since October!! I don’t even know where to begin….

Who am I kidding? Of course I know where! LOL – On 11.16.17 the boyfriend and I got engaggeeeeddd! So I guess he’s my fiance now .. weird .. and I’m still not calling him by his first name. LOL Here’s how it happened…

We had plans (or so I thought) to meet up with his cousins for a dinner. We had my SD that day/night so she was going to have a sleep over at her GM. The plan was to meet at 7. I quickly got home from work at my part time job which is basically another full time job during that time of year, and got ready in record time. 7 O’clock came and went .. so I texted him around 7:15 asking what was up or what his ETA to the house was. He told me that he had to do a “quick job” and was at his office. This made total sense since “quick job” and his name .. never go in the same sentence together .. LOL. A few seconds later I get another text from him saying that his truck wont start and asked if I could come pick him up .. surprisingly I wasn’t annoyed and agreed to go get him .. haha… looking back now I’m SO GLAD I wasn’t pissy… HA!

So I get to his office, walk in the door and there is the SD in her New Years Eve dress I bought for her. I fully admit to looking for one that would fit me .. and by damned I found one.. more on the later. She’s standing in the one opening of the meeting room  with flowers. I walk over and give her a hug and tell her she looks so pretty. She hands me the flowers and tells me to turn around.  So I do, and there he is, on one knee. OBVIOUSLY I squeal and make other noises I have yet to duplicate LOL. I set my stuff down on the one table and the SD walks over beside him, puts her hand on his shoulder and says … “Will you marry us??” .. and the water works began! Apparently I didn’t realize it, but I didn’t give an answer at first. Can you blame me?! I was bawling! .. So the SD says … “SSOOOOO is  that a yes or what?!”… We’re all hugging, the BF is teary eyed .. the SD is confused as to why I can’t talk and here I am snort crying all over the place. I finally muster up a, “Yes of course!” and he puts the ring on my finger.

Ten minutes or so pass until I can form a complete sentence and I finally say about my makeup being everywhere and going to dinner.. he tells me.. “There’s no dinner! That was just a cover story!” … I was a little upset I wasn’t going to get my butternut squash soup.. but I let is slide hahahah.. ;-P

After that we called my mom and dad, visiting my part time job to tell my work family there, called his mom and dad and also called his business partner.

I couldn’t have asked for a better way to be proposed to! And in my eyes, the most important part is that the SD is beyond excited that I am her Stepmom, is excited to have a brother or sister someday, and has given us her 6 year old blessing. The bond her and I have I am truly blessed for and I pray to God I stands the tests of time and a high conflict BM.

I resurrected my pinterest board and have been slowly gathering ideas to put together. We set the date to 2019, as this year we need to focus on buying a new house for the new family! Luckily, we have the venue picked and we have some good ideas as to who we want for DJ and Photographer. Currently i’m enjoying visiting bridal shows around the area!

The holidays were an absolute blur filled with stress, migraines and also some good times. I work crazy hours from November until Dec 24 so that gave me some extra cash to get bills down and buy gifts for people, but also added stress because I was working 14 hour days.  Thanksgiving was our holiday with the SD, and had to pause Christmas for a few days to wait for her since Christmas was the BM holiday this year. It was fun watching her open up her presents as we saved the best one for last! She got a swim-able mermaid tail! WHERE.WERE.THESE.WHEN.I.WAS.LITTLE!!!! haha It’s one of the coolest kids toy’s I’ve ever seen! Now she can’t wait for summer in my parents pool and won’t stop talking about this damn thing. LOL.

New Years Eve/New  Years was our holiday. I was hell bent on finding a dress that was similar to the one I bought for the SD. Damned if I didn’t fine one almost identical! I was so excited and so was she! We had a fancy NYE Dance party at his parents which was a ton of fun! We even had a photo area! I created one of those custom snapchat filters that displayed our names. All in all it was a ton of fun! New Years day however, I was riddled with a massive migraine that was so bad – I laid down for 2 hours.

We’ve finally gotten back to the normal (organized crazy) schedule. We signed up at a new gym and now that I finally have time to go, we’ve been going after work. We’ve also started healthy/keto eating. The SD has started her pre-competitive swimming again, with her first swim meet on the 19th!

Excited to see what these next couple months bring!

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